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What’s in Your Food? Understanding the Ingredients List

In an age where eating healthy is a growing concern, more and more of us take the time to read the ingredients list on the foods we buy.

When our family goes grocery shopping we follow a few simple rules

  • shop around the perimeter of the store where foods are perishable and therefore exclude preservatives
  • avoid canned foodsfor children and pregnant women (the BPA in the lining is a developmental inhibitor and should be avoided duringdevelopmental stages of life)
  • avoid anything with high-fructose corn syrup (warning: you’ll be shocked at how many foods include this! Cut back slowly if you need to)
  • avoid anything with artificial colour or flavour– if it’s not real, your body may not know how to digest it properly and it will add to your waist line
  • avoid products with ingredients you can’t spell, pronounce or understand

Did you know that packaged foods must list their ingredients in the order they are present in the foods?  So if you’re buying dried cranberries for examples and the package lists sugar ahead of cranberries on the ingredients list it means that there is more sugar in the recipe than cranberries!

Here are a list of a few common items you may find in your food ingredients list and their meaning:

  • Sodium bicarbonatebaking soda
  • Soy lecithin – often used as an emulsifier, lecithin is not bad for you either and has been linked, in some studies, to helping treat dementia
  • Calcium carbonate – often used as a food additive or firming agent; excessive consumption can be hazardous (which is why Tums lists a maximum daily dosage)
  • Glycerin/e – used as sweetener, especially for low-calorie foods – the jury is out on whether Glycerin is good or bad – so limit quantities for now

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for other bizarre, hard to spell, or hazardous sounding ingredients and follow up with another post soon.

Have an ingredient you’d like us to shed some light on?  Please let us know.

Want to try and shed your diet of processed foods all together?  Consider growing your own food!

Eat, drink and be merry,
The At Home Organic

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