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The Almighty Push Mower

Almost every Saturday between May and October someone will update their Facebook or Twitter account about how they were woken up to the sound of a gas or electric lawn mower when they should have still been sleeping.

We’ve been there, so we know how frustrating it is to have your rest cut short by some inconsiderate neighbour or lawn services company as they power up their mower right beneath your window.  Inconsiderate because of how early in the morning it is, but equally inconsiderate to the environment, especially now that environmentally friendly, equally effective, and silent alternatives exist.

When push mowers first hit the market, they were heavy, hard to maneuver and didn’t provide the same results you could get with your gas or electric mower.  This was especially true if you had an uneven or bumpy lawn.

Well good news everyone, push mowers have come a long way.
So if you’re ready to fight back, send a not-so-subtle message to your neighbour that they should consider a NaturCut mower by sending them a copy of this link.  (If you prefer the non confrontational approach you can always print a copy and leave it anonymously on their doorstep).

These mowers are affordable, light-weight, work well on smooth and uneven lawns alike and best of all; make virtually no noise at all.  They also come with a 2 year warranty (and if you or your neighbour places an order before June 20th, you’ll get a free Grass Catcher – a $35 value).

So make nice with your neighbour, and make nice with your lawn.

Eat, drink and be merry,
The At Home Organic


What Cuts Your Lawn?

Gas, Electric or Good Old Fashion Push Mowers?

Yesterday (actually August 26th when I wrote this blog) I cut my lawn for the first time using a neighbour’s push mower.  It was awesome and not so awesome – usually occurring at the same time throughout the experience. 

It started with the borrowing of an old push mower that they got who-knows-where. After some liberal application of WD40, a quick sharpening and adjustment of the rear rollers I was off. 

Pushing was hard – made much worse because I hadn’t cut the grass in a while and it was a little thick and long in a few spots, but that’s my fault.  I should mention that my lawn is a little larger then your average push lawn…my property is about 20m x 40m – not a little yard.  However! I had a blast.  The old mower that I was using wasn’t the greatest model, the blades were dull and it cut fairly uneven – but after a few passes the job was done.

I did have a hard time making sure the lines were straight, but that will improve with the quality of my lawn.  I have sparse parts that don’t lend well to following tracks. 

I have been looking for a green alternative to traditional lawn cutting for a while now.  I started with a gas powered mower (which I inherited from my in-laws) but that ended quickly.  I’ve been using an electrical corded mower for a little more than a year now and have gone crazy almost every time I use it because of the cord. SO, I decided to look into push mowing.  Those of you who have done the same quickly understand that all yard tools are not created equal and there is a get-what-you-pay-for equality that’s very apparent.

There were some pro-lawn cutting guys in my neighbourhood that decided to watch me cut my lawn with a push mower, sort of giggling about it while they watched.  I briefly thought about lecturing them about the environment and their use of fossil fuels, but decided against it.  I rather enjoyed the sense of self superiority and didn’t want to spoil it.

I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this task.  I am eagerly doing research on a top of the line model with all metal parts so that I can end my insane relationship with my electric mower and sell it or something.  Maybe I’ll turn it into a leaf shredder. 

 Eat drink and be merry.

The At Home Organic

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