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How To Avoid Rising Food Prices

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If you haven’t noticed, the price of everything is going up; gasoline, imported goods and most importantly food.  There was an article on CBC talking about this very issue.  Earlier this month CTV covered a similar story.  It’s concerning for sure, but there is a simple way to help lower the cost of your grocery bill.

Grow your own food and change the way you eat. 

Yes it’s that simple. 

First the growing part.  Once you’ve invested in setting up the garden there are very few costs to bear aside from seeds.  Even compost can be made at home for free and with relative ease.  There are a lot of tips and tricks to gardening but that should not stop anyone from starting a home kitchen garden.  Here are a couple easy comparisons:

  • Tomatoes
    • In the store: $0.99/lb.
    • Or some tomato seeds produce tomatoes for 5 months on average
  • Herbs
    • In the store: $1.99 per pack
    • Or some herb seeds that produces all season long

There is a ton of information available on the subject of gardening on the internet, libraries, fellow gardeners, farmers etc.  Once you start you’ll soon realize how expansive the subject is.

The reason you must change the way you eat is because transportation costs play a big role in the cost of food so those tomatoes you enjoy from Mexico or California are going to get more expensive.  The easiest way to lessen the cost is to stop eating foods from far away and support local growers, especially your own backyard garden. 

Preserving food is not a new concept, but it does involve some planning.  Instead of eating all of your tomatoes in salads save some and make an easy sauce then freeze it for the winter.  You can also dehydrate your produce, or even marinate or pickle it.  There are lots of different options.

The point is the food you eat is getting more expensive along with everything else.  It will soon cost more to get into your car, drive to the store, buy the food, drive home and cook it.  Why would you not want to avoid all of that and step out your back door, harvest some herbs and veggies and walk back to your kitchen to cook it up.  Yum!

Are you feeling the pinch with rising prices? Where are you seeing the biggest impact?

Eat drink and be merry.

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