How to Cut Your Laundry Bill in Half this year!

Household cleaning products are one of the first places to start removing strong chemicals from your home and greening your life.  A lot of strong chemicals are used in regular cleaning products in our home and they all find their way to the drain and into the water table.  This is the start of a series about cleaning products and what I have to say about them when cleaning my house.  Today we’re going to start with laundry. 

Plant based laundry detergent was the first green cleaning agent that I brought into my home and I’ve been using different brands for the past few years.  The results have been good.  For the really tough stains we’ll use Oxy Clean to pretreat and then run them normally in the cycle.  For my baby’s stuff – well that’s a different story entirely.  Let’s just say I pretreat a lot and use an old toothbrush for the scrubbing parts.

Recently, I have been looking around for a softer detergent to use on my baby’s clothes as she’s developed a bit of an irritation.  Well I found what I was looking for and more. 

We found the Laundry Ball from SmartKlean® and it doesn’t use detergent at all! No kidding and it works great!  The ball is filled with specialized ceramic beads that kill germs, mildew and odor.  Simply toss the ball into the laundry machine (works with high efficiency too) and let it do the work. Once a month we leave the ball out in the sun for a few hours to regenerate the ceramic balls inside.  It will last for a full 365 loads (at about 18lbs. per load)

There are no detergents so the rinse cycle isn’t necessary– I haven’t found out how to turn that off on my machine so I had to monitor it with a timer.  But it works great.  Clothes come out clean without fragrances, which is great for hypo allergenic people.  If you miss the fragrance you can add a fabric softener sheet to the dryer or a linen bag filled with lavender etc. I washed my kitchen towels and added a little vinegar for an added cleaning boost and they came out just as clean as with detergent alternatives!

Let’s talk money.

The detergent I currently have cost $15.99 and claimed to wash up to 54 loads. (Up to being the operative words there – most people will get 30-40 loads per container.)  If I managed to extract 54 full loads per container, 365 loads would cost me $107.93.  The $45.00 spent on the Laundry Ball will save you money and clean your clothes, PLUS there’s the added benefit of eliminating harsh chemicals released into the water table through your laundry.

Oh, and the packaging and ball itself are 100% recyclable and the ceramic beads biodegrade.  The Laundry ball is so safe that once the laundry ball is no longer in contact with the water in your machine, if it wasn’t for the fact that the water is dirty you could drink it! 

I love this thing.  What a great invention.  At Home Organic Farms is thinking about carrying this to complement our product line – is this something you’d be interested in?  If so let us know.

Eat drink and be merry.

The At Home Organic


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