How to Save on Phantom Power

When you run an organic vegetable gardening company you get to be known as the Greenie amongst your friends.  This means each time someone finds an article or hears a story about ways to be green (and save green) they let us know.

Today a friend passed me a clipping from the Globe + Mail from back in February.  (Our friends are thoughtful if not always punctual).  It was a great overview of all the phantom power you may be consuming (and paying for) each year).  And we wouldn’t be a good friend if we didn’t pay it forward and share the good advice with you.

Here a chart of which products cost what in terms of phantom power (approximate stand by usage)

Product Annual Phantom Power Cost
Two Desktop Computers $0.29 – $11.50
Notebook Computer $0.22 – $23.00
Scanner $0.12 – $3.77
Inkjet Printer Up to $1.84
Game Console (in ready state) Up to $29.31
Stereo $0.14 – $11.31
Two Televisions $0.28 – $9.47
Set Top Box with DVR $19.91 – $20.05
Cable Modem $0.74 – $3.04
DVD/VCR player Up to $5.84
Garage Door Opener $0.83 – $3.36
Air Conditioner $0.41
Two Cordless Phones $0.46 – $1.66
Coffee Maker Up to $1.24
Microwave $0.64 – $2.25
Gas Range $0.32 – $0.78


I know that some things are harder to unplug when not in use (like the microwave) but there is no denying there is a great opportunity to be green and save green here.

We use the Belkin power adapter to help save on phantom power and we love it.  We use one in our home office, and one in our home theatre and feel good about ourselves.

What green tips do you use to save money and be planet friendly?

Eat drink and be merry.

The At Home Organic


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