Gas, Electric or Good Old Fashion Push Mowers?

Yesterday (actually August 26th when I wrote this blog) I cut my lawn for the first time using a neighbour’s push mower.  It was awesome and not so awesome – usually occurring at the same time throughout the experience. 

It started with the borrowing of an old push mower that they got who-knows-where. After some liberal application of WD40, a quick sharpening and adjustment of the rear rollers I was off. 

Pushing was hard – made much worse because I hadn’t cut the grass in a while and it was a little thick and long in a few spots, but that’s my fault.  I should mention that my lawn is a little larger then your average push lawn…my property is about 20m x 40m – not a little yard.  However! I had a blast.  The old mower that I was using wasn’t the greatest model, the blades were dull and it cut fairly uneven – but after a few passes the job was done.

I did have a hard time making sure the lines were straight, but that will improve with the quality of my lawn.  I have sparse parts that don’t lend well to following tracks. 

I have been looking for a green alternative to traditional lawn cutting for a while now.  I started with a gas powered mower (which I inherited from my in-laws) but that ended quickly.  I’ve been using an electrical corded mower for a little more than a year now and have gone crazy almost every time I use it because of the cord. SO, I decided to look into push mowing.  Those of you who have done the same quickly understand that all yard tools are not created equal and there is a get-what-you-pay-for equality that’s very apparent.

There were some pro-lawn cutting guys in my neighbourhood that decided to watch me cut my lawn with a push mower, sort of giggling about it while they watched.  I briefly thought about lecturing them about the environment and their use of fossil fuels, but decided against it.  I rather enjoyed the sense of self superiority and didn’t want to spoil it.

I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this task.  I am eagerly doing research on a top of the line model with all metal parts so that I can end my insane relationship with my electric mower and sell it or something.  Maybe I’ll turn it into a leaf shredder. 

 Eat drink and be merry.

The At Home Organic


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